Important Disclosures Related to Mobile Data Collection and Usage

When this app is in use, we collect and share with our business partners certain device and location data: Precise location data, Wi-Fi signals or Bluetooth Low Energy devices in your proximity, device-based advertising identifiers, app names and/or identifiers, internet or other electronic network activity information, and information about your mobile device such as type of device, operating system version and type, device settings, time zone, carrier, and IP address.

That data may be used for the following purposes: (a) to customize ads in apps and other advertising; (b) to measure effectiveness of those ads; (c) for app and user analytics; (d) for disease prevention, security, anti-crime and law enforcement; (e) for market, civic or other research regarding aggregated traffic patterns, (f) help improve the performance of your wireless network and apps, and (g) to generate proprietary pseudonymized identifiers tied to the information collected for the above purposes.

You may opt out of the above usage by going to ‘Settings’ then click ‘View / Update Consent’ in the app.

You can find our partners privacy policy and also opt out of each partner in the below link.

We’ve partnered with Opensignal to help improve the performance and reliability of this app and your wireless networks while respecting your privacy.

Opensignal does not collect any information that directly identifies you or your device, and does not sell any personal data about you. Opensignal is the independent global standard for helping telecom ecosystem companies around the world better understand and improve network coverage to improve connectivity for all.

Opensignal may collect data relating to the wireless network performance your device experiences, that may include the following types of personal information and/or personal data: Geolocation data, identifiers (e.g. network names, resettable IDs, BSSIDs, and other access point information), and app state. Opensignal uses this data to gather information on network experience and create aggregated reports and/or data solutions including anonymized location, for example by plotting network performance on a map to convey coverage.

You can learn more about Opensignal’s privacy policy here. You have the right to opt-out of data sharing with Opensignal at any time. To do so please use the opt-out measures provided in your mobile application or this privacy statement.